September 23, 2005

Updated label - same beer

So has anyone seen the new Heineken label? If you drink Heineken, did you actually notice that they changed the label? Instead of being on white paper, they have updated their resume so to speak. Now the label is printed on clear vinyl or plastic and since it's probably put on a heat transfer, this means the freakin thing is hard to get off. Did I say hard? Yes, but it has another advantage over paper. It peels in one piece - with the stickiness still included. This means you can decorate your room, fridge, etc. with Heineken. You can display your love of the brand. OK - further examination of the label leads you to discover two very old accomplishments for the beer. Now, I understand when I see someone's resume with old information. They are struggling to be relevant and somehow better than they are. Now, I'll give you that Heineken is decent beer. It's not a Stella or Pilsner Urquell, but good enough to drink over bud and miller products. I digress, back to my resume point. On the label it says: 1873 For Europe, this is a young beer. Then it also says: Diplome D'honneur Amsterdam 1883, Medaille D'or Paris 1875, Grand Prix Paris 1889, Hors Concours membre du jury Paris 1900. People does your beer suck that bad that you haven't won an award in over 100 years? I think it's time to enter some beer contests. Please. Update your label yet again with something current and fresh. Don't just make your label look cooler. Give it some new content. I'm begging you.


At 5:27 PM, Blogger Maggi-nifica said...

hmmmm... Now I want an MGD - less to read =)

At 5:20 AM, Blogger John Bryson said...

They need to start an ad campaign where they put their label on jenna jamison's ass.


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