July 29, 2007

random repost

I clicked randomly into my past and found this paragraph:

Personally, I thrive on the idea that someone told me I couldn't do something. You'll never... or... You can't... I CAN. And I'm going to prove you wrong. Whoa, I just gave myself a tiny shiver. The power I hold in my hands, my head and my heart to accomplish the impossible. Is there a stronger drug than that? The satisfaction, the feeling you get when you succeed where you were told you couldn't? Oh, I just got another shiver. The energy and strength in that is worthy of allowing it to consume you. To rule you. To own you.

I have very few readers left, but this blog was always for me from the inception. I appreciate that people miss my words when I'm gone. The paragraph above rocked me when I reread it. The words are nothing new, but it's interesting to see many months later with a different perspective.

don't wanna

I should be out riding my bike. Instead, I'm avoiding it. I don't wanna hurt today. I don't wanna push myself. I don't wanna. Period.

What I want and what I need are two different things. On Thursday, my training partner quit on a ride. She had a mechanical, then a mental breakdown and decided she was done for the day. It was demoralizing for me. I threw in the towel at the same time because I didn't want to ride alone. This is the first time I've ever seen her quit. It's also, the first time I've ever given up.

Oh, I justified it in my mind. (I've ridden for an hour, it was good training, you want to be strong on Sat.) Off I went to get dinner. Seething none-the-less. Then I was sick yesterday and didn't ride at all. Now, I'm niggling about the weather, about how I feel, about everything. It's too much effort to dig out my riding gear and put the crap on, take my bike outside and get on it.

I do this knowing I would feel better after 10 minutes in the saddle. That I would feel free. The wind blowing in my ears, the steady whir of the chain as the pedals rotate around. The swoosh of the smooth tires on the asphalt. An aerodynamic bullet against the wind. Blood coursing through my veins and arteries - pushed by the very heart that is keeping me from riding.

July 23, 2007

Things you should never say in a cube farm

Is that a vintage tie or did you get it from your closet?
Do they sell men's clothes where you bought that shirt?
Dude, is your tie melting or am I still high?
If I steal any more office supplies, I can open an Office Depot.
I see your daughter is still picking out your ties...
I love the smell of farts in the morning.
You. Me. Naked in my cube. 5 minutes.
Baaaahhh Baaaaahhhh

July 17, 2007

My personality

So, everyone has a personality. Some we like better than others. Why? Because we are different. Duh. The simple reality is that without these differences we'd be uber bored. Maybe you are anyway. You must be if you are here reading my blog. You are looking for a little something to spark your day? A new twist on an old hanger? OK, go take this personality test.

Then, click here to see Mad Munkey's Page.

July 02, 2007

Get It On, Bang a Gong.

So Rockin' My World. Seriously, the desk is shaking even at low volume with the bass.

You don't even have to be a technology whore to love these sweeties. Sure, they got all the right curves and you could hug them just so, but really, step back and just oogle them with your ears. No physical luvin' involved.

I'm having a hard time staying with a particular track. I keep skipping forward to new sounds. And they are truly new on the computer. The speakers I had on my desk until a few minutes ago were more than 12 years old. Ugh... can you say distortion and no bass response? This tiny trio might get up and spank my home stereo system. They are certainly capable of giving it a lap dance with a happy ending.

*Happy Dance*

You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC

July 01, 2007

It's a phone people

Well, my precious. It's been awhile hasn't it? Other things we have have been doing yes. Not even hiding from nasty Hobbits. Ooops, I got two different fictional characters intertwined here. Oh, well. That about sums things up sometimes. Things blend and meld. They become new things.

I've been watching the iPhone ferver grow both within myself (self proclaimed technology whore here) and other people. I understand street corners near a SOHO Apple store had to be shut down by police after hundreds thronged the area to get their own personal gadgetry in their sweaty little palms. Imagine the glorious feel of tossing down $600 hard earned dollars to buy something you already have. What you talkin' about Willis?

Think about it. You already have a cell phone, you already have an iPod, you already have the internet. Well, I guess you aren't quite mobile with that one. I have to admit, one of the key features of the phone for me isn't the internet. It's the visual voice mail. Now I (ME) can pick what message I want to listen to. That bitch aunt martha can stew a little longer if you please. Sister Sarah with juicy gossip about uncle Bob's alcoholic slut girlfriend can now take center stage. Whooo Hoooo.

I'm beside myself with relief that my contract with another unnamed wireless vendor runs until next spring. The Gen 2 iPhone is strangely due in 08' as well. Hmmm... can you say 'bugs worked out'? If you were one of the people that bought a new shiney iPod the day they came out and shortly thereafter the Gen 2 pods came to life you can understand the frustration. I bought a shiny new laptop last August. As predicted, there are faster, newer, better machines on the market today. No-one cares that you had yours before. And seriously, I don't wanna be the guy that has to answers all the questions about my new phone. I also don't other people's greasy mitts all over my phone spreading germs and disease my way. Thanks, but no thanks.