September 13, 2008

What century is this?

I received and threw away my phone books the other day. Who uses a phone book anymore? Haven't the folks at yellow pages seen the internet? i want something local, I look there. I haven't used a phone book in over 10 years. Yet, I see the big fat book every year. Is this the yellow pages mafia at work? "You'll put an ad in for your plumbing business or we'll wreck your plumbing."

September 12, 2008

Man's best friend

I have an imaginary dog. His name is Brutus. He's the cutest, smartest, fun loving little guy you could ever meet. He's a perfect black and white Boston Terrier. He knows all kinds of tricks that make people laugh. He hides on command. He doesn't eat much. He never slobbers water all over the floor when he drinks. His gas is silent and not the least deadly. He doesn't leave hair all over my clothes. He doesn't snore. He's not much of a watch dog since he never barks, but he wags his little tail/rump when he meets new people. He's always willing to be held in my lap. He likes ice cream cones in summer and his favorite snack is an ice cube. He can run like the wind and seems never to get tired of playing. I guess you could say he's the perfect dog except he's not real. *sigh*

September 07, 2008

Captured moments

The mango juice glistened on her lips. Round and full. I considered kissing her. The thought brought a mischievous smile to my face as I watched her take another bite of the firm fruit. I could taste the nectar of the mango. I licked my lips.

That was this morning. Tonight I'll take flight once again and return from the sunny delight that is Brazil. Away from wild parrots, shy monkey's, and a vibrance of anticipation I can only equate to the feeling a child has as he waits for a circus to begin. Prepare to be mesmerized. That childlike gleam has been in my eye since I arrived. I can only hope it lasts longer than the trip itself.

I took less photos and experienced more this time around. I have some fantastic memories you can't capture in a camera lens. Nor in words. They are tiny movies that play on the screen of my mind. The horse-riding dog, the homeless man sleeping on a Blvd., giving a man rooting in a garbage can for food two dollars without his asking. So surprised that he dropped it. I looked back twenty paces later and he was hurrying away with his garbage bags of possessions in tow. I like to think he ate with the money.