September 07, 2008

Captured moments

The mango juice glistened on her lips. Round and full. I considered kissing her. The thought brought a mischievous smile to my face as I watched her take another bite of the firm fruit. I could taste the nectar of the mango. I licked my lips.

That was this morning. Tonight I'll take flight once again and return from the sunny delight that is Brazil. Away from wild parrots, shy monkey's, and a vibrance of anticipation I can only equate to the feeling a child has as he waits for a circus to begin. Prepare to be mesmerized. That childlike gleam has been in my eye since I arrived. I can only hope it lasts longer than the trip itself.

I took less photos and experienced more this time around. I have some fantastic memories you can't capture in a camera lens. Nor in words. They are tiny movies that play on the screen of my mind. The horse-riding dog, the homeless man sleeping on a Blvd., giving a man rooting in a garbage can for food two dollars without his asking. So surprised that he dropped it. I looked back twenty paces later and he was hurrying away with his garbage bags of possessions in tow. I like to think he ate with the money.


At 1:42 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

There you are! Good to see you.


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