February 05, 2009

Gimme sum o' that

It's clear to me that bacon is the ultimate food. You can pair it with just about anything after all. Scallops, steak, peanut butter sandwiches... the list is endless. After all, who doesn't crave a little BLT sammich in their life once in awhile? (Hold the mayo please). Yeah, I'm a dry sandwich kinda guy. I only like mayo in deviled eggs, so keep it the eff off my sammich. You want sauce on a bread, italian oil does the trick nicely. But I'm getting off topic of bacon. I like thick bacon, but the fat gets really fatty.

Still not convinced, go into a health nut food store and find a vegan. Ask them what they miss most about the carnivore lifestyle. Bacon. They practically drool when saying the word. "Baaaaycoooon." You know they are salivating just thinking of that nicely cooked smoked wonder that is bacon. The warm sizzle pop sound when it's cooking in it's own reduced fat. I won't even get into the other ham wonders pancetta, and prosciutto. Hungry yet?