May 11, 2005

Ugly Americans

After waiting over an hour while multiple other parties were seated that arrived after me, I was finally given a seat at the end of a table full of 'ugly' Americans. I cringe at the thought of how so many of us are rude to our hosts when we travel. Despite my anger at being placed less important than tables of two, I'm more angry at the obvious rudeness of the people at my table. "Where is our food?" they yell at a waiter who is servicing another table. SO Sad. They feel they are at home where speed is of an essence. Not realizing that they are not. Why? You are in Europe - eat late, and enjoy the process and your companions - if you have them. My only only companion seems to be this little notebook. A slow talker if I ever heard one... When the waiter decanted my wine (note: my service improved greatly with my wine order) one of the rude bastards down the table cried out - 'Do we get a taste? Everyone at the table was in rapt attention when the decanter arrived and the waiter took his sweet time in pouring the wine into it... very nice indeed. My response? Pause for effect. 'Sorry - NO', said very softly. I might have well slapped his face. TO be honest, it would have been a joy!

I Tredici Gobbi - obviously one of the tourist attractions in the city of Florence (if you can find it). Great wine list (certainly much better than I can afford - I picked a nice lower end wine but think I surprised the waiter none-the-less).

I rejoice - the UGs have asked for the check instead of dessert or coffee. I may dance a jig. haha

There is an ancient register next to my seat. It's amazing to reach out and touch a piece of equipment that served as a utility but looks like art.

My wine which decanted about an hour and a half ago is just coming into its own. Exquisite. I wish my dinner had taken longer to arrive. I guess I should document the wine I have so raved over. Anfiteatro Vendemnia - Vecchie Terr di Montefili 2000. Tipica Tuscany? Sangiovese for certain... other grapes added? Unknown.

It is 11:15 - All the Americans have gone. I'm left with tables of Italian men enjoying an evening out. A few ladies - but mostly men. I feel priveleged - my waiter brought me a dessert cordial of liquor that I only saw offered to one other table tonight. A lovely pear flavor to compliment the chocolate pear cake I had for dessert. Then, rather tan bringing me the check, offered me coffee or cuppicino. There are only four tables left that have people sitting at them. I don't want this night to end, but I know it must. Can I really have 13 days left on this adventure? It doesn't seem possible. Anytime you have 5 empty glasses, a empty carafe, and two empty bottles on your table, the evening must be considered a success. lol


At 12:02 PM, Blogger Lara said...

Lets drink to your success. :)

Sounds like a wonderful trip... and glad to hear you shot down the "Ugly Americans". Far too many of them out there embarassing the rest of us.

At 2:56 PM, Blogger Her Daddy's Eyes said...

I witnessed this many times while I lived in Germany. I hated the fact that the Americans were so inpatient. Living in Germany transformed me, allowed me to enjoy life and take my time.
Ahhhh, to be back again...


At 4:14 PM, Blogger 30Something said...

I love to have evenings out like that. At least one night a week when I dont have my kids I go and enjoy a nice dinner and yes, some wine. UMMMmmmmm Yummie!

Americans take EVERYTHING for granted. To include me. Its a shame.

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Sunny said...

Wow- PLEASE don't think all us Americans are like that- we aren't. Especially the ones of us from the South- (unless you count Texans as Southern Americans which the ones of us who don't live in Texas don't. Texans tend to be loud and obnoxious as any human can possibly be.).

Southern Americans might have funny accents, but we -like yourselves- enjoy the experience of dining and enjoy the companionship and comaradarie as much as -if not more than- the food. It's a whole experience. I have a bit more sympathy for the Europeans when it comes to things like that tho- I married a Brit and altho some people think Brits are a bit uppity and snobbish- i love the reserved nature of the whole european people. I wish we could all just slow down and enjoy life more.

Thanks for commenting on my blog about Christmas decorations- It's how I've always done things and it's hard to change.

At 1:00 PM, Blogger elvira black said...

Not only are there ugly Americans, but ugly New Yorkers. We can be kind of rude.

But to be fair, there are times when some of the European tourists here can be equally obnoxious. Maybe it's the opposite phenom in a way--New Yorkers are always in a rush, and when a group of tourists stop and block the way since they're used to being more laid back, it annoys many New Yorkers no end. And yes, there are foreign tourists who are rude--I don't think Americans have an exclusive handle on it.

But it sounds like you had a terrific time. I'm envious.

At 3:09 PM, Blogger iceborn said...

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