May 10, 2005

Sweet Dessert

At what point in the path of our lives do we become concerned with others - their needs, their hopes, their desires - and the fulfillment that goes hand in hand within those things? Do we fulfill the needs of others before our own? Do we even notice others around us have needs we can meet? What do the people mean to us when we would sacrifice ourselves - even to our core to make someone else happy?

Curiously, two people have sat next to my seat - both have been moved to other seats even before the doors are closed. Not that I mind, but who will wake me when I begin to snore? The death rattle waking half the plane? I'm on my way to Paris, and from there,I'm off to Florence. The biggining of a two week adventure that is sure to change the way I view things. Welcome along on the journey... such that it is. If you make it through my mental detrius, then you are more than welcome.


It wasn't until dessert on the plane that I realized what an exquisite adventure I'm on.


At 2:50 PM, Blogger Her Daddy's Eyes said...

The questions you pose are very valid ones. I was brought up by a mother who was (and still is) so concerned about making others happy that she has no idea what makes HER happy. She'd tell you that THAT is what makes her happy, but truly she is the saddest women I've ever known.
I used to do this in my marriage, luckily the contamination has ended.
It's all about balance.



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