May 10, 2005

Airplane hell

Airplane hell - Bwahhahaha

Missed my connection at DeGaulle. The flight never took off though. Instead of 7:20, we left the terminal iin a sardine bus - I swear we drove off the airport gorunds to get to our plane. Despite the rural appearance and age of this 'jet', I feel confidnet that I will arrive in FLorence Today - in one piece. I should have already landed there and be sucking down a cuppicino right now. Jet lag is killing me. I feel travel sick. As appealing as a shower would be, I just want to lie down. I doubt I could sleep, but flat would sure beat verticle. Also i'ts quite cold here - I should have brought a coat. The flight attendent is wearing a scarf. I certainly hope I'm not on my way to Oslo. LOL I can only imagine how the peoplewho flew coach over the ocean feel.


Walking around Florence is like walking through a fairy tale of fashion. ANy fashionista would be enamored of the whole experience. I also realized that they make very little in my size. All for slim Prada kinda boys..


I'm jet lagged and tired from walking around all day. Got some great pix (though a lot of them are over exposed - at least from looking at least looking at the thumnails...)


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