December 04, 2007

I call

My choices today are Rancid Milk or Gambling. I guess in essence, they are the same thing. You gamble on the milk not being sour. There comes a moment when you are all in and you don't even know it. You've pushed your chips into the pot and you are waiting to see if they will come back to you with some of their friends. You probably couldn't pinpoint the moment you moved your hand. The chips slide across the table. There is no sound. That moment is invisible. Was there a tell? Is everyone getting ready to plunder me? You don't even think those words.

Caught in a moment when there is no wrong. Your hand is unbeatable. We three kings. Then, suddenly, time moves again. The world catches up. You hear the clink of the chips, the rustle of the cards. You feel the eyes trying to read you. To get inside your head. It's not so different from the jug moving. Moo juice about to pass your lips. Rush down your throat. That split second before it hits your palate. Is it Rancid? Your stomach quakes the same way as when your opponent is about to show his hand. The same queasy feeling.


At 9:54 AM, Blogger JLee said...

I think in this case I would as Kenny Rogers says "know when to walk away" haha


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