November 28, 2007

Spin it

Rockin' the boat is all fun and games 'til you fall out of the boat. It's a fine line between tipping to the waters edge and tipping so far that water gushes in and you are cast into the cold waters surrounding your previously perfectly safe craft. A few years ago (OK, honestly, more than a decade ago) I worked for a spineless man. I literally wondered sometimes how he didn't just ooze down his form and become a pool of sludge in front of any confrontation. He would say yes to anyone in any position of authority over him. His goal was to keep his job.

Pretty simple. Most people think you can keep a job by just doing the best work you can. J didn't think that way. He was the king of succubus, not literally, I just like the way it sounds. He wasn't ever demon like. Anyway, J's theory seemed to be that if he followed every directive to the letter and never questioned anything that he would maintain his position and thus his too large paycheck.

I'm not a game player by nature. I never felt like playing politics. When I left the organization after two years J had one real comment for me. It came as a surprise and it still rolls around my noggin' once in awhile. Probably more often than I'd like. Munkey, I've never met anyone that plays the game so close to the line. You practically danced on it the whole time you were here. I think he'd just never seen anyone get away with telling the truth before. I never intentionally manipulated the people in the organization, but I found out that many people thought I had. I simply put my spin on the information at hand and tried to make it relevant.


At 12:06 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

In some companies it is an infinitely fine line. Too often it is the kiss-ass that is secure.

At 7:06 PM, Blogger Valley Girl said...

Were you a PR person? Just wondering.


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