May 10, 2007

What was I talking about?

As I sit on the ocean's edge, I can't help but be romanced by the cool evening air ad the surrounding warmth of conversations. The light chatter of glassware and the light clink of silver; the sapprano notes to theopening corks and laughter's bass tones. The night air is mostly still. The small trees surrounding the terrace have only the slightest of flicker. The staff repositioning lights to create marmer abmbiance of the diners.

A slight breeze caresses my cheek and fingers my hair. I imagine the soft touch of skin, the warm pulse within. The swirl of rich flavors cross my palette like a lovers kiss. Gentle, exhuisite, intense all in the same moment.

Rapture. Implies the enclosure and total surrender to another. Can a simple meal provide that? probably not, but it gives a nice illusion to consider it. My intellect tells me no, but perhaps if you give it the right properties.

I'm too far from the sea to hear the waves, but the hint of salt on the air s refreshing after days of busses, taxi's, scooters and cars.


At 12:11 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

Nicely written!


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