May 10, 2007

Monopoly money

There is a temptation when using currency that you are not familiar with to treat it as a play money. You begin not translating actual costs and not considering an items true value. A tiny can of soda that costs 1.35 Euros becomes cheap. In reality, that soda cost almost $2.I'm not nipicking the cost of a soda, but move onto more expensive things and multiply them at dinner and pretty soon, you have real issues. We won't even get into the 4 euro Gatorade I was robbed for in Milan last week.

Walk into a curio shop or clothing storeand feel like you never get the item at home or caught up in 'travel shopping' mode and your visa bill might get into a heavyweight bout with the bill from the Christmas season. But these new shoes will look so fab. lol


At 12:13 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

Being able to remember when US currency was the benchmark of the world makes me...old.


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