May 05, 2007

'scuse me, but are those undies?

Saturday – Many shops are closed today. I walked for about 30 minutes to find a pizzeria for lunch and only just managed to catch that out of the corner of my eye. One thing that strikes me today is that people dress here regardless of day. Maybe it’s not a suit and tie, but over half the men I’ve seen are wearing collared shirts and T’s with printing on them are a rare find. I guess here, that is pretty much like wearing underwear as outerwear.


I wonder if the uber wealthy feel lonely. Recently, I’ve been called a jet-setter. Perhaps I am, but not in my mind. I’m not out hitting the best clubs and getting VIP treatment. I don’t dress like I just walked off a runway (nor could I pull that off). I’m just a guy traveling and trying to see and experience how other people live.


Assumptions – So easy to make, so difficult to retract and move beyond. How many times in your life have you assumed something only to find out you either blew it way out of proportion or were off in a completely different direction than you thought. Often, we fret over little things we imagine, how much larger is our thought controverted by the degree of our assumption often resulting in a bigger fall and thus, more personal embarrassment later.


At 11:27 AM, Blogger Buffalo said...

Knowledge is a humbling thing.


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