May 05, 2007

Will it stick?

Once again, my notebook my constant companion. After missing breakfast on the plane due to being ill, I haven’t eaten in almost a day. I’m nearly dizzy as a result. I’m worried about eating, but it doesn’t appear that I have food poisoning. Perhaps just some tainted food that didn’t pass the system test. Whatever it was, a few hours sleep and a long walk seem to have gotten me past it.

Delightful dinner of cured meats and lobster linguine. Absolutely delicious. I feel like a retard for not knowing basic Italian. Typical ugly American – this is my 5th visit to Italy. You’d think I’d have learned the basics by now. Once again, today I was asked for directions. This always astounds me, but it happens on every trip I take. Somehow, this reassures me that I have a world look. Why this is important, I haven’t the slightest idea.

My headache is very much still in effect, but right now, my dilemma is Tiramisu or Soufflé al cioccolato con crema mascarpone. The waitress doesn’t speak much english, but we’ve done fine pointing and gesturing. hehe. I think I ordered the soufflé. Its 10 pm at night and people are just sitting down to dinner. I thought I had adjusted my schedule, but apparently I need to go ever later to dinner. At least I didn’t go at 6-7 pm as is so prevalent of US tourists.

This is a local café and I hate that I don’t know the local customs. Oh, apparently, I ordered the Tiramisu. This is one of the top three I’ve ever had. It’s time to call it a day. I’m so very tired.


At 12:41 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

Seems kind of late to be having the evening meal if a person has to maintain a "day time" schedule.

Glad it wasn't food poisoning.


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