March 10, 2007

Needless Markup

While i was at the mall, i went into Neiman Marcus to look around

Found a T-shirt. A plain black T-shirt (albeit very soft) for get this. Wait for it...
one-thousand-twenty-five dollars. I about shit my pants. I'm like WHO THE FUCK would spend that much on a T-shirt?

I was wearing handmade Italian shoes, nice jeans, and a $150 shirt. So, I'm not like a slum bum. I go into the Ralph Lauren shop - 'cuz they are getting hipper (which is actually kinda scary). I find a shirt I like, but want a different color - Ralph is big on that normally. For 15 minutes no one will help me. One woman comes in shows me two things and goes back to a conversation with her co-workers. Then, I find a cool pair of pants...i'm digging them... do they have my size? I can't tell. Can't find the tag. Crappy service?

Then as I'm about to say fuck it and leave, the manager comes in and calls back to her employees that there are two people in the room needing help. One sales person comes in and helps the other guy (who just walked in). He says - just looking. And THEN she wants to talk to me. To keep from blowing my top I ask about a shirt I don't give a shit about. Do I hear a munkey giving hell? And she won't let go of the fucking shirt. Can you show me these pants in my size? "Oh, those'll go with the shirt too." On and on about the shirt... I had to ask about the pants 3 fucking times. Finally she goes in the back room to look for the size and brings them out. I try them on. Super, I mean SUPER comfy. (As a side note, in an interview I read with RL once, he commented: If people are buying my clothes for the horse, I'd rather take it off my clothes.)

I decide to buy them despite the crap ass service. So Neimans doesn't take certain credit cards (I know this from previous experience.) So I ask her... "what credit cards do you take?" Neimans and American Express, she pauses to look at me as though I'm too lowly to own either card and says, "If you don't have either of those, we can..."
I cut her off by pulling out my credit cards. I hand her my fucking AMEX Gold Card and proceed to ask her...

"Actually, I'm more curious why no one would wait on me..." I went off without ever raising my voice about how I probably would have spent more money if someone had helped me, blah, blah blah

She said sorry, she had been on break until her manager told her there was someone in the dept. I was like... "Whatever," Gimme my fucking bag. I wasn't mad at her, but the other 4 people standing around gabbing while I was looking at stuff all around them. I swear to god... I'm going back in that store and I'm pulling shit off shelves left and right so they have to fold the shit back up including the $1025 T-shirt for christs sake.



At 1:18 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

And I bitch about spending 10 bucks at K Mart for a T-shirt and 15 bucks for a long sleeved, button shirt. I must be doing something wrong.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Her Daddy's Eyes said...

That would be something I would do...or leave piles of clothes in the dressing room! Do it...and then write about it so I can hear the details.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Still Searching... said...

There just never seems to be a happy medium. Either I'm totally ignored and walk out w/o buying anything b/c I can't find what I'm looking for or am just REALLY P*SSED OFF. Or, they're all over me the minute I walk in the store and won't leave me alone and I have to leave b/c I can't shop in peace.

And I just about choked...a $1025 T-SHIRT!? Oy!


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