February 21, 2007

Things that make you think

l almost got killed by a wave yesterday on Ipanema Beach. I was trying to get back in through 6-7 foot waves and miscalculated the set. A huge wave came in out of nowhere and I was completely pummeled. I ended up summersaulting under water at least once and was pulled in multiple directions by the undertow. Heeding the advice of a surfer friend, I remained calm and relaxed 'til I felt myself floating upwards then kicked for the surface and broke through to get some air. Needless to say, I was a bit shaky after that, but a friend got a funny picture of me walking out of the water like I owned the beach Carioca style. Right in front of me was a Warning Undertow sign. I had drifted in the current to the very worst place to try to get out of the water.

I hear I'm getting a nice tan, and I'm not the palest gringo on the beach anymore. hehe More sun, more sun.


Next time you go to the supermarket take a look at the produce. Specifically, the apples and the bananas. They are probably nearly perfect. Almost as though they are illustrated. No (or very few) bruises and sleek lines. As you can see I'm in South America where much of our fruit is produced. While most of it tastes better here, the appearance is not nearly what we see in the states. Bananas are especially non-appetizing in appearance. However the flavor is much richer. Almost like a banana liqour. Makes me wonder what exactly has been done to the produce that comes to the US. Perfect in appearance, but low on flavor.


The last few books I've read were light on content but had great covers too. I've read many success stories in many industries where people got fed up with the quality of merchandise that was available and decided to simply create their own. Small furniture designers, writers, magazine publishers, eetc... I wonder when I'm finally gonna get fed up enough start my own thing and what exactly it will be. Hmmm...


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Rio for Carnaval...now that's living.


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