February 02, 2007

Random act of kindness

Soooo... As I re-org my house and get more settled in I'm eliminating stuff. I decided to Craig's list a a couple of chairs. I got a response to a Poang Ikea chair this morning from a college student. Poor and pathetic he practically begged for the chair. OK, i'm only asking $25 for a chair and ottoman (I just wanted it gone). So, he comes to pick it up and is so excited over the chair I thought he was going to have an accident.

I then asked if they had any art on the walls. "No..."

"Do you like this?" I showed him an old print that I'd gotten years ago in a inexpensive frame (nice piece, but hardly upscale).

"I love it," he says.

Me - "Take it - on the house."

He almost cried. "Man, I'm gonna study hard for you."

Gotta love foreign exchange students.


There is something cathartic about getting rid of the old. I've blogged about this before, but the further along I go, I seem to have less and less of what I was. New images, new stuff, new place, new life. Hmmm. I think that was one of my very first blog posts. The Reason. Check it out. Let me know if I've accomplished any of that.


At 12:01 PM, Blogger Kerry Grace said...

Feels good to toss out … even better to an appreciative soul. People always remark that I live in such a small space and I love replying that it is because I only need space to live and not to store a bunch of crap. There something in that those who chose a path towards spirituality start by getting rid of all their possessions. As I sit at my Paoli desk in front of my custom built laptop, I have to say, I’m not exactly sure what non-attachment is all about, but it's worth thinking on, at least!

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

What's a Craig List?


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