February 04, 2007

Live wire

The first thing you do when you are going to remove and replace a light fixture would be to cut power from the fuse box to that particular area of the house. I did that. Then undid it. And forgot.

Yesterday I rewired a new kitchen light fixture. As I finished I realized that I'd forgotten to turn the power back off after a trip to Home Depot for a pair of machine screws. I finished wiring the job with live power. doh

As I do these small projects, I'm quickly reminded that the scale of project doesn't matter. There is almost always scope creep. It's a good reminder as I contemplate larger scale projects and potential remodeling of complete portions of my condo.

These little projects are empowering though. Despite setbacks and the problems that occur, there is a great sense of achievement as I finish each of these little problems. Just remember to disconnect the power before you start.


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Probably a good idea. :-/

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