May 05, 2007

Drip drop

Despite heavy rains that sometimes have pools of water up to the middle of the wheel of the cars in the streets, I’m out and about. Foot traffic is noticeably light, but in Milan, the fashionista’s still appear. I’m watching a beggar that has on a three-piece suit inside the Galleria. Apparently, in Milan even the homeless are affected by fashion or the drive to be as presentable as possible. Pride perhaps?

My eye transitions to watch a small group of teenagers play the pickpocket game. They aren’t very good at it, so I doubt it’s something they practice often.


I’ve been pondering umbrellas due to the rain. Function and cheap or expensive and durable? I’ve seen both today. Having forgotten my handsome, but rather inexpensive wood handled Budapest umbrella at home, I was forced to visit a .50 Euro store where I purchased a tiny fold up model that ‘may’ make it thru today if I don’t open it too many times. It makes a strange grinding noise as it closes so I am sure even though new it is on its last legs. Hey, what can you ask of an umbrella that costs 2 Euros? That’s like $2.80.

I seriously want to mug some people for their eyeglasses. They have the most interesting glasses I’ve seen in a good while. They make statements with their eyewear rather than show off dull conservative as so many people in the states do. I always wonder why people will wear interesting sunglasses, but when they are indoors, they insist on basic and boring. *sigh* Design + Function

My girlfriends throughout my life have oft complained that I have no ass. They should be grateful they do not live in Italy – not that I’m looking at guys asses, but as you look at clothing design you see people’s shapes. The lack of physical curvature is enormous here. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more than a few men wearing women’s jeans too.

iPods are as ubiquitous here as they are on NYC subways. This is a change from a year ago. Does this denote a change of acceptance of the iPod as a fashion accessory or merely the tuning out of Italian society? Many writers of late have decried the iPod as a way for people to put up walls in public places and cease to interact with those around them. Personally, I find the iPod much less of a social problem than the cell phone. Cell phones disturb and interrupt me in all sorts of ways in my daily life.

The patina of dirt on one vagrant’s jacket is something I wish duplicate without the potential smell associated with it. Unlike the 3-piece suit vagrant, this one makes his rounds peering into each garbage can looking for useful refuse.


Teatro Alla Scala – world renowned, it lives up to it’s reputation. I don’t think the other 4 people in my box would agree. They left after the first intermission and never returned. Not only did I get to move to a better seat, I had the entire box to myself for the remaining 1 hour and 45 minutes of the show. I’m nattily dressed. I think even better than I dress for the office. A striped rust, purple and olive tie on an olive ground shirt with a 3-button black suit. (As I’ll leave, I’ll see most of the men and pleatless pants and no cuffs on their trousers. Talk about not looking quite right.) My shoes however I purchased at the Moreschi store earlier in the day, so I know the calf skin, pebble grain leather is sewn into a current style.

During the opera, I tried to follow the translations on the mini screen at the front of my box, but I found that they actually hindered my enjoyment of the emotive music and incredible voices from the stage. The fact that they can sing in the ranges they do with the power they convey is simply mind boggling. I have no doubt that several of these performers could shatter glass or crystal with nothing but their voice. The stage never has more than 5 elements on it at one time. Very simply done, yet powerful ikn a way that is difficult to describe. The colors are all black, white, cream, grey and red. Striking contrasts are used to juxtaposition elements and people on the stage.


Are taxi drivers incredibly lonely people or generally anti-social? Driving unknown people around all day without speaking to them or listening to their conversations all day without offering input is beyond me.


At 2:21 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

Well done! Excellent word pictures.

By the way, fat men should never wear pleats - which is why I don't.


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