May 06, 2007

What? No reins, i'm outta here...

Last night after dinner, I went to a bar with some new found friends upon their invitation. The place was called Living – Their card reads Liquers & Delights. A beautiful bar, it reminds me of the bars in Rio where everyone stands outside and talks over their drinks. I got a small discourse on the artist/designer that designed the Arc de Triumph like gate in Milan. It honestly reminds me more of the Brandenburg (sp?) gate in Berlin. Apparently, the artist committed suicide over the fact that he forgot to put reins on the horses. I’m not sure if my leg was being pulled or not. I’ll have to research this one when I get home.
The generosity and overall friendliness of people here astounds me. Tonight, they are out of beef, which I ordered, they offered veal instead. Milanese style (breaded and fried) which I had two days ago. It’s good, but he noted my reluctance to order it and offered to prepare it a different way just to please me.
I never expected to order ‘off menu’ while in Italy. This is something I do often at home to get the meal I desire. Yes. I am high maintenance, but at least I’m aware of it. Actually, that reminds me that I’m craving chilidogs and onion rings from my favorite dive bar – the Vienna Inn. Soooo not high maintenance.

A quick note on tie tying Italian style: The current trend is a large, loose, 4-in-hand knot that is about 2 buttons above ones waistband. In other words, SHORT.

Thinking back on my personal frustration with both my handwriting and my own difficulty reading my own handwriting the last couple of days, I’m wondering if there is a remedial handwriting class I can take. I think in a big way, it’s about slowing down, it’s not that my hand doesn’t have the skill to make beautiful letters, but rather that I’m too hurried trying to get my thoughts out before they disappear.


OMG!! The waiter just delivered a plate of dark almond brittle and chocolate chip cookies – after I already had a crema tort with fresh fruit puree (with real whipped cream). I definitely need some clean shorts; I’ll let you figure out why. Haha


I’ve never seen a chef smile so much. Whether he’s out sorting silverware, and even bussing tables the chef is a happy guy. He obviously loves what he does and puts a great deal of pride into being one of the best local trattoria’s in the area.


At 11:26 AM, Blogger Buffalo said...

Someone should arrest the fashion police - that is way too short to tie a tie.


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