June 25, 2006


I've always been one of those people that causes things to happen. Sometimes, I just wanted to see what would happen. Other times, It was getting myself in a mess and the only way out being getting someone else to do something even stupider than what I was on trial (or thought I'd be on trial for). I don't mean that literally as in going to court, but those instances where you will be judged and found lacking. So, let's jsut put the focus elsewhere. Now, when it comes to me, it's hard for other people sometimes to release focus. So, somewhere along the line, I must have gotten very good at becoming invisible.

I know you hate it when I don't provide details. So, I'll provide an excellent example for you to follow along. I was at a great club in a party room with a very large group of friends. We had ourselves an open bar for 3 hours. Now, when creative people get together, the only thing that they love to do more than talk is drink. It lubricates the throat for more talking. Or in this case, more kissing.

Now, there was one girl in particular that I really wanted to kiss, but she didn't seem to be giving me the time of day. After one dance she drifted off and left me to my own resources. Now, I wasn't upset or anything, but when you get the right level of tequila in your system, you really can't be held responsible for certain actions. So, what did I do? I found another girl. Right, yes of course. Now, this girl had probably exceeded her level of tequila or Ketel One or Goose and wasn't shy about getting very close to me. Yes, we kissed, swapped spit, however you want to call it.

After awhile, I got bored of hearing the thoughts of 'get a room'. We returned to our open bar and I quickly managed to evade her grasp and score yet another glass of tequila. I had to keep my level just so. I was sipping that when my vision was filled with yet another girl that 'wanted to dance'. OK, back to the dance floor. Bright lights, flashing lasers, throbbing music, swaying bodies. You get the idea. Suddenly, I'm playing tonsil hockey again with the new girl. After 5-6 songs, we returned to the bar.

Now, you are probably wondering where the instigation comes into play in this story. Turns out I have another friend that was teasing another girl about kissing her. Not so strange. With a small caveat. She. They were both girls. Now, I can feel the excitement and the buzz that comes with this statement. The instigator in me probably realized that both girls were past the level of Goose that releases inhibitions, but not the ones that cause public release of inhibitions.

Therein lies the genius of the instigator. Of course I ordered my friend a 'tini. After handing it to her and turning away and back, the glass was returned to my startled hand, empty. She'd tossed it back like a shot. Sit down folks. This is where the truck is leaving the paved highway. The view is just starting to get interesting. A short while later, these two girls became the center of attention and were making out like there was no tomorrow and if that was the case, they were getting theirs.

A lot of men think it's erotic to see two women making out. I watched in fascination just to see where this was headed. After awhile there were other people who'd reached the limit of public non shame for any act. Shirts came off. Nipples were licked and teased. Hands went down shirts. (All innocent of course. It was friends having fun. Not sex.) So, about this time Girl 1 catches my eye. We made our getaway unnoticed in the throng of people focused on other entertainment.

Nobody ever noticed we were gone or that we'd left together. A perfect escape. Invisible. No one the wiser. Perfect.

All it takes is a little nudge for someone else to become the focal point. Is it so wrong to use this ability to give that tiny nudge? It's not like anyone gets hurt or is left with permanent damage after all. Look, the tequila made me do it.


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