June 02, 2006

Got your foil hat ready?

And in other news today, a small mountain appeared in Central Park late last night or early this morning. It's origin unknown and composition appears to be mainly earth, rock and other minerals. Several mining operations have expressed interest in searching for precious metals in the mountain, but NYC officials are calling in scientists to examine the mountain to determine if it is indeed from planet earth.

There is pandemonium in the foil head covered, nut population as they bemoan the fate of the earth to be soon reclaimed by aliens. There is no substantiation of these claims at this time, however, NYC officials have not ruled it out at this time. "We are moving forward with our investigation into every aspect of this mountain appearance in the [Central] Park. We haven't ruled out alien influence out at this time, however preliminary reports from the scientific community do point to ethereal behavior in the material."

The same official also pointed out that there is no cause for alarm at this time. "The mountain appears to be inert and benign in nature. The park paths and game fields remain open for the public's enjoyment." Wide-spread reports of missing person's in the 5 NYC boroughs' cannot be verified at this time and thus far there is no direct correlation found with the mountain in Central Park.


At 10:11 PM, Blogger 30Something said...

Hmmmmm... LMAO! Thanks for the giggle today! You are the best!

At 3:00 AM, Blogger Chris-el-da said...

i couldn't read this post because i'm TERRIFIED of aliens. and now i will have nightmares... hell, i might even just stay up all night


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