November 09, 2006


So what does it say when every Burger King employee you see on break is eating a salad? Are BK salads particularly good now or is it perhaps that the BK burgers and other foods (chicken fries?) aren't good or good for you? It's a rare occasion for me to eat at a Burger King, but I'm stuck in an airport and my choices are Pizza Hut Pan Pizza (all carbs, all grease) or a Snickers bar from the news stand. I opted for the Burger. It was only after I received my food did I realize that all the employees on break were eating salads. Grrrr... Kinda like... I could've had a V8. *sigh*


The best thing CNN has to report is a buck deer in a store (was it Walmart by chance? Can you say redneck?). Kind of a funny video, but I'm surprised someone didn't open up on it and claim it for dinner. (In best Homoer Simpson) Mmmm... Deeeeeer... lol


The Army has a new slogan. Instead of Army of One, they are now Army Strong. Hmmm... An Army of One was only five years old. How bad does a slogan have to be to change it that quickly. I remember for decades the Army slogan was Be All You Can Be. Now there's an idea I can get behind. It asserts challenge and personal growth. More than 70% of Americans want jobs that challenge them. They desire that more than they do high salary. Rewarding, challenging work. Pretty simple concept. Why is it that so many people are unhappy with their jobs?

I know people that are absolutely miserable in their jobs. They complain about them all the time. They blame the people they work with for making them miserable in those jobs. Yet, they go to work everyday. Security of a paycheck is a strong motivator. On the flip side, are you healthy if you hate your job? If the thing you spend the majority of your waking hours doing is agonizing, then don't you owe it to yourself to try to change the status quo?

I'm not advocating quitting your job tomorrow if you are one of these people, but if you are still doing the same thing in 6 months, then I have to seriously wonder if you don't like the misery. The ability to complain about your job. Powerful is the draw to be bitter about our advocation. It becomes an identity you can cloak yourself in. Bitter, angry and vocalizing it. A slippery slope. Get too comfortable there and you may never escape.

Personally, I thrive on the idea that someone told me I couldn't do something. You'll never... or... You can't... I CAN. And I'm going to prove you wrong. Whoa, I just gave myself a tiny shiver. The power I hold in my hands, my head and my heart to accomplish the impossible. Is there a stronger drug than that? The satisfaction, the feeling you get when you succeed where you were told you couldn't? Oh, I just got another shiver. The energy and strength in that is worthy of allowing it to consume you. To rule you. To own you.


I saw a T-shirt in a shop window in South Beach and it drew me into the store. It was hip, urban and a little ostentatious. I browsed through different items in the store. Jeans for $369, $149 T-shirts and then I found the one in the window. $289. Yes, $289. Not $2.89, not $28.90, but $289. Does it come with a blow-job from the cute blonde in the back of the store watching me move up and down the aisles? Didn't think so. What would motivate someone to spend that much money on a T-shirt that they would probably only wear a few times. The fabric was very delicate. Like an Armani silk tie, it's not made for everyday wear. Perhaps if I were a rockstar with unlimited funds to purchase a rockstar wardrobe with, I might think about buying and wearing a garment like that. Speaking of Rock Stars, I wonder how Tommy Lee or someone in his status level buys his clothes. I really don't see him heading out to the local rock n roll shop to see what new bedazzling style is available.


At 7:33 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

For $289.00 it would have to be some damned good head.

Burger idea of a treat is a whopper, onion rings and a strawberry shake.


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