September 18, 2006

Random thoughts

I just saw an apparent homeless man digging in a trash bin in the square for something worth taking. Shaking his head in in disgust, he turned to walk away. My eye was drawn to the logo on his pants. Amani. The best dressed homeless man ever? lol I doubt the guy has seen a shower in a month or a razor in 3. I wondered where he acquired Armani pants.


I can physically feel the caffiene leech into my body. Two weeks of constant travel, strange foods and the stresses that go with them have taken their toll on my body. I've lost weight as per usual when I travel. The veins in my hands stick out like a root at the base of an old tree, bringing life to my cells and transporting away all the garbage my cells no longer require. My hip joints ache from the non-stop walking; cold starts after meals. I'm constantly hitching up my pants as they slide down my hips as I walk. I long for familiar things. I also foresee more changes in my future. I can't be satisfied by resting on the status quo. Perhaps I should reread 'Who Moved My Cheese?'.


It was very hard to leave the hotel today. Once outside, a smile rose and I was happy to be outside in the sun. Moving, doing, seeing. The visual stimuli almost overwhelming my processor.


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