September 07, 2006

A night out

Last night, I stumbled upon a wonderful street for open air cafes and a meandering park in between where you would expect the actual street. Despite not knowing the language at all, I managed just fine. To my surprise, every third person was not a tourist. In fact, I don't think I saw one all evening. I've noted before that regardless of language, crowds of people all create a similar symphony of sound. The weather was near perfect for sitting outside. Just the lightest of breezes blowing to keep the air fresh.

Couples and small groups of friends walk the paths. THe fashion here is distinctly different than other places I've been, yet not so differenet to make it stand out. Overall, I'd call it functional. Comfortable, not utilitarian. Few bright colors, but not depressingly drab either. Any preconditioned notions I had about Budapest or it's people have been formed over.

The city is clean if a bit old and crumbling in spots. The people appear to have a zest for life that shows through with constant smiles. People are friendly and like other Euro countries, they are active physically. Jewelry is not common overall. Most of what I've seen is simple and not precious metal or jewels. While I don't see much obesity, neither are the people Prada thin overall. Think solid genetics rather than the thin waif look so prevelant in Italy and even Paris.


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