August 11, 2006

My best compliment

While riding from Ground Zero to the Pentagon on my bike as part of the Face of America Memorial Ride in Sept. 2002... I was allowed into a paceline with Greg LeMond, Tyler Hamilton and 1980 Silver Medalist Nelson Vails after being dropped by my team. After riding with them (and about 15 other riders for over an hour, there was a quick break for Gatorade at a 7-11. Greg and Tyler quickly remounted their bikes and took off (Tyler was trying to catch a ferry so he could meet a flight). Nelson pursued them and far in the distance I saw him catch them... About two miles later, I caught them... Nelson turned around, dropped his jaw and then said... "Good Job" with a big smile on his face... one of the best moments of my life... I rode into the ferry stop with them... a little paceline of four to the agog stares of my entire team. Nelson then invited/insisted for me to ride with them again on the other side of the river. (I didn't, but those words, 'Good Job' will always be the highlight of that ride.)

Crap. I have a better one I just thought of...

When my sister (not related by blood, but rather a generous open family) graduated from college, I told her I couldn't fly out there... too busy with work... then flew out anyway. Showed up and stayed hidden from her for 2 days. Then called her cell at the graduation hall and wished her luck and told her how proud of her I was... then asked for one more thing...
"A hug" I said.
"Kinda hard to hug through the phone"
"Then turn around..." I was standing 4 feet behind her.
She started crying...

That was my best compliment.


At 1:24 AM, Blogger Still Searching... said...

I just love surprises like that. Only things is...they never happen to me.


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