July 28, 2006

Incessant ticking

TIme. We all want more time. Or less time. Or we are happy we are on time. All these things in our lives revolve around the swing arms of a mechanical beast called a clock. The period between particular moments is called time. Yes, We all know this.

I'm reflecting on time, because this week, I seem to have found a control for time in my life. I'm not saying this is everyone's control, but it's an interesting one that I've discovered. It's probably not the only time control in my life either, but it's one that has me intrigued at the moment, so we'll deal with it.

When my life is ordered and my home is clean and neat, time passes much more slow. I'm not saying it drags, but rather that time moves at a pace which feels like I don't have anything to do. I don't. No dishes linger in the sink, no clothes on the bedroom floor. No snack plates or cups left at the site of the last feeding.

With less to do, you feel as though you have more time. On Monday, I'll invariably hear a plethora of people commentate on their weekend that it went by too quickly. In my mind, I'm going to wonder if it's because of mental clutter. If your mind was clear, would your weekend have proceeded at a higher rate of leisure? I don't know. I'm not living your life, I'm living mine.

What controls time in your world?


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