July 09, 2006

Core delight

Why is the center of a cinnamon roll the absolute best tasting part? Is it because it's the last bite and you are trying to soak every minute particle of savory excellence from the bit of bread, sugar and cinnamon remaining? Perhaps you squandered the first few bites in your rush to devour the treat before you. Perhaps it's because there are no hard edges on the center roll. I think perhaps this is how that cinnamon roll company (I won't name) makes such fantastic rolls. No hard cooked edges. Just all delectable morsels to be inhaled. Gooey delight that you couldn't pick up without a fork if you tried. If you did, you might end up chewing off your little fingers.


At 12:05 PM, Blogger Still Searching... said...

Mmmm...now I must be off to Cinnzeo. I'm so easy. You should write commercials! (I'm not entirely sure I've spelled that correctly...but I'm sure you get the point.)


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