August 19, 2006

Git 'er done

You ever do the same load of laundry three times? Yeah, I didn't think so. See, sometimes the ADD really kicks in and I forget that I did laundry. Said laundry sits for days in the washer and well, you know know what happens to to damp dark places... yeah, time to do the wash again. So, I'm on the third cycle with this same set of laundry. Maybe today will be the final washing. I'm trying really hard. I promise. As soon as the final spin is done, these babies are going in the dryer. I hope.

Laundry really isn't the bane of my existence, it's putting the stuff away I really have a problem with. I don't like the sorting, folding, hanging process. It freakin' takes way too much time out of my day. When are we going to have the wonderful wash and wear? Wait, that would mean only having one thing to wear. Did that once in the military. Everyday was easy, Let's see, today, I think I'll wear the green camouflage.

Steve Jobs, the guy that runs Apple, has a uniform of sorts. One of the richest guys in the country. Wears jeans, sandals and a black mock turtleneck everyday. I read somewhere that he had 200 of the same shirt made. How kick-ass is that. To have a look that is so you that you can not only pull it off every single day, but you don't get trashed for it.

Ralph Lauren, one of the worlds greatest (debatable, I know) fashion designers. He wears jeans, boots and a chambray shirt as a daily uniform. I doubt Mr. Lauren gets much flack for what he wears. It's comfortable, easy on the eyes and he's probably got a closet full of the same light blue shirt (perhaps he really wanted to be a cowboy). So what does it say when a leading fashion designer doesn't even wear his own clothes? Is it OK, to give up on fashion and begin looking for that one outfit you can do for everything? I'm considering Dickies work shirts since the chambray thing is already taken. I could start with half a dozen and work my way to say 40 or 50. Same color. Or not.


At 6:20 PM, Blogger Tess said...

Sadly, sadly, MM, I have indeed done the same load of laundry three times though twice is more typical.

I do like the uniform idea but am way too much of a clothes freak, and let's not even start on shoes, to do it.

Cleaning is the bane of my existence. I hate it.

At 5:29 PM, Blogger Still Searching... said...

Heh heh, I've done exactly that! But it's usually two times (tho 3 is not unheard of).

I couldn't deal w/ a daily uniform. I have a quirkly little style all my own...and for that, I need change.



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