August 24, 2006

Chopping block

Why is it that so many people wait for the ax to fall rather than guiding their own destiny. Here is a quote from someone working for a company going through a reorg.

"I'm just tryin' to hang low for now until September. Then depending on the direction they want my job to go and who my new supervisor is I may be looking for a new job."

What the fuck? Hang low? That is such chicken shit behavior and I just don't understand it. If you stand up and proudly proclaim your skills and abilities, don't you think that you might have a shot at not only keeping your job, but guiding it to a better place. This person has been handed a golden opportunity and they are going to 'Hang low'. Someone get me a mallet, I'm in need of tapping some sense into someone.

Squeaky wheels get oiled. Non-functioning wheels get replaced. Why put yourself anywhere near a category where you could face extinction due to ignorance? Be the Town Crier... get the word out. "Hey, everyone... I'm a valuable resource. Here is how I can help." Make yourself part of the ultimate solution, don't let someone decide your fate.

I recently read an article about people that are successful and why. I also read one about making your own luck. It's a matter of looking for opportunity rather than sitting and waiting for the inevitable. The inevitable is death. A slow miserable death at someone else's control. If you are going to die, do it gloriously aflame as you do it your way.


At 6:52 AM, Blogger Vixen said...

He does sound really scared. If he's getting fired anyway he may as well go out with a bang, or some more projects under his belt.


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