August 21, 2006

False judgement

Do you ever wonder what makes people successful? For that matter, what is success? Money? Family? Career? I think that perhaps regardless of what success is determined to be, there are common steps that get you there. Drive is probably the greatest of these factors. Following on the footsteps of Idea, Drive brings you to places you couldn't go without it. Sheer willpower to succeed or to progress. (Personally, I like progress better than succeed. The idea of success has too many outside factors.

Success is ultimately determined within ourselves, not by the people around you or even tangible results. How many of you would consider losing something a success? That not achieving a goal could be the right thing? How will you know until later whether that bears out or not? People can judge all they want. And usually, they judge on external factors in our day and time. Wrong hair, wrong suit, wrong shoes. Clueless. Hmmm... perhaps, that is exactly the right place to be.

Back to the drive. The will to succeed. Is simply being alive enough? Depends on how you live most would think. Then again, perhaps you are a cancer survivor or a caregiver. Or someone that has lived with AIDS for nearly 20 years. I think I'd have to give each of those persons a 'success' rating. Each of those people may also be the most miserable, insufferable sons of bitches on the planet. That's not our determiner of success. Or is it? Do we each live with our own barometer that mets out the decision for us?

The things that make us feel alive. That cause our pulse to race within our chests. That bring us the sensation of 'I matter'. Perhaps these are the factors upon which we should judge success. Did you make an impact on anyone today? Do your actions matter to anyone but you? How lonely the world if you cannot reach out and touch the difference you make within it... How spare your emotions for your surroundings...


At 5:26 PM, Blogger Still Searching... said...

A thought provoking post. Most definately.

At 2:01 AM, Blogger G3T Films said...

Great post.

From my eperience it's the two L's. Love and Luck. The love of something creates our drive and the luck determines whether our drive is taking us in the right direction. Fortunately you can create your own luck.

Did I make an impact on anyone today? I punched someone in the face, does that count!? Seriously though, I guess I did. I recieved an unexpected gift in the mail. Must have made an impact somewhere.

At 6:23 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

You're correct - success is determined within one's own self. I have yet to make that determination.

As far as impacting someone's life - I'm pretty oblivious about that sort of thing.


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