September 10, 2006

Ugly American part deux

Funniest thing I heard this morning as I was perusing the cereal/grain selections at breakfast (a buffet style affair). Husband to wife: Is the milk skim? Wife: No. (pause for effect) Disgusting.

I almost laughed out loud. Just another example of the Ugly American in action. Heaven forbid they don't have 2% AND skim milk in a foriegn country. Before you cry 'those who live in glass houses shall not cast stones' let me say that before I heard her say that, I was feeling a bit of it myself. The scrambled eggs were kind of greenish gray yellow and full of some kind of oil. The bacon however was perfect. I'll take a pound. lol No, I didn't, but I thought about it. Basically, if you've never eaten breakfast in Europe, most serve a mix of continental and american buffet. Yogurt, fruit, mixed breads/tarts, hard boiled eggs, cereal that doesn't look like anything but health food, cheese, and cold meats. (Yes, I'd LOVE to have a sandwich for breakfast!)

I was delighted yesterday to get my laundry back. Last time I traveled, I had a batch of clothes ruined at a hotel. This time, not are the clothes nice and clean, but soooooft. Oh, and did I mention they came back encased in plastic bags. Like clothes are when they are new before they get put on the shelf. Little envelope bags. Awwww... how thoughtful of the hotel. Now, I know which clothes are clean without the smell test. Awesome.


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