November 18, 2006

It's all about ME

Did you ever notice that the people in WalMart ads on TV have absolutely nothing in common with an actual sample of the true WalMart demographic. Now, if you shop at WalMart, I'm not down on you. I've been in WalMart, but I can't say I'll ever go back. It's not that they don't sell product that I'd buy, it's more the atmosphere and the denizen's of the WalMart jungle. Again, if you are one, no offense intended. It's not individuals there that freak me out, but rather the collective.

I realize that putting people on TV that actually represent the WalMart demographic might be a little bit of a bad idea. I mean, how do you sell your mega chain with a beer guzzling, tooth missing, hair awry mother of 6 squalling children as your spokes person. Again, if this is you, no offense intended.

I'm actually starting to become a big fan of the shop naked ethic. You know this... shop via the internet. Let's see. I don't have to fight traffic, I don't have to stand in lines. The stores are open 24 hours a day. I shop non-regional ethnic stores. (This week, I've ordered custom made Converse All-Star hightops, Lefse from Minnesota and a book off that store named after a Brazilian rain forest. Starbucks now has drive thru coffee shops and when they start delivery, I may never leave the house again (just kidding on that one).

Our paradigms are changing. More and more people are working outside the office. They vacation further away and more often. We need more consumer need fulfillment stores/organizations. The days of pushing a product to consumers is fading and the days of fulfilling consumers desires are entering. Kind of like Middle Earth, we are at the dawning of a new Age.


At 2:05 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

Shop Naked is the best store going.

I try to avoid WalMart, but not because of the shoppers.


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