January 09, 2006


For the last six months, I've worn my bone carving around my neck. I've only removed it when I'm in the shower (per directions for curing the bone for the first 6 months). I'm not a religious person and I certainly don't consider myself spiritual in the traditional sense, but this carving is slowly taking on some form beyond it's physical shape.

Have I lost my noggin? Have I gone over the deep edge? I think not, but that isn't really pertinent. The fact is that when I don't have the carving on, I feel naked. Not in the sense of the intangible (where are my clothes? or what did I forget to do today?), but rather the feeling that I am missing my protection in the world. That I've lost or misplaced a talisman.

I know the carving doesn't hold a power beyond what I give it, but the lore behind the carving is strong and thousands of years old. Ancient carvings took on the spirit of the wearer and was then passed on to their heirs. I hold no illusion that my spirit is contained within the carving I wear, but I certainly feel that I impart my energy upon it as an artifact. The power will grow over time and the care I put into feeding the residual power of the carving is ultimately available for tapping.

Perhaps a good analogy is a battery. Stored energy for the times you need it. I've found at odd times in my life that I seem to have a plentiful amount of energy to draw upon when I need it most. Or when I least realize I need it. Could I have the power within myself to transform this energy to an object for later withdrawal by me or a person I designate? The idea rests solely on belief. Faith if you will.

Now, if you've never considered this point of view or you are highly religious (doubtful you are reading this blog in that case), then you are likely snickering behind your hand or even laughing openly at this point. I don't care. My beliefs are my own and my own they will remain. I don't ask you to engage in my personal beliefs nor to believe in them. I merely ask that you consider my point of view and leave me to it. Right or wrong, it's mine.

I respect the effort that an artist and craftsman put into creating this carving specifically for me. I respect the beliefs of a centuries old system that has withstood even the ravages of modernization when so many have fallen forgotten at the wayside. I respect myself for being a person who tries to be the best I can without influence or modification by a system cultivated through the conquering of other spirits and the souls of people. Humans who stood for their beliefs and lifestyles and died for their courage.


At 1:39 PM, Blogger Lil Bit said...

Wow, MM... that bone carving is BEAUTIFUL!
And I know what you mean about 'feeling naked'... I wear a small yin-yang stud earring on my left upper lobe & if it ever falls out (such is the case sometimes at night)... I immediately know it when I wake up. It's kinda like the rings I always wear... but dif.
Talismans rock. No need to explain your reasoning for having one. And yours is ultra cool! =)

At 4:35 PM, Blogger Alice said...

i used to have a necklace i felt a bit that way about... now i have all my rings, which don't protect me in a talisman-like sense, but i definitely feel naked without them.

At 3:32 PM, Blogger Maggi-nifica said...

I believe you can
you can tranfer your engery to this totem, keepsake, talisman
in some cultures it is the coffer for the the middle most part of your soul

At 1:53 AM, Blogger Still Searching... said...

An interesting point of view, and one I do subscribe to.


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