December 30, 2005

I wonder...

I want to find this blog... will someone please write it and let me know... I can see it already.

Poodles & Noodles - 101 recipes

# 48. Poodle Curry on a bed of Noodles. - Create a festive occasion by hosting a curry party. Serve this dish with steamed rice and an assortment of condiments in small ceramic bowls: quartered limes, chutney, chopped cucumber, spiced yogurt, grated coconut, nuts and raisins. Finish the meal with a bowl of chilled fruit ices.

#12 French Poodle with Prunes - A pretty wintertime supper dish with contrasting colors of carrots and prunes. Good with braised fennel or an orange, onion and avocado salad, and winter pears for dessert.

# 37 Poodle Casserole with Green Noodles - Casseroles are ideal for the cook who likes to entertain, because they usually demand a minimum of last minute attention and can be assembled in advance. All that is needed is a salad and dessert. Don't forget warm bread and wine.

#88 Poodle Paillard - If possible use a cast-iron frying pan for this recipe which cooks the poodle over high heat. Serve with crisp thin potatoes, skewers of grilled vegetables, and a salad of watercress and Blegian endive (chicory/witloof) tossed with herb vinaigrette. Offer horseradish-mustard sauce (recipe in sidebar).

(Note: the descriptions are actually from a cookbook for chicken.)


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