December 28, 2005

A new touch

Reading this blog, you might get the idea that I'm mostly always in a good mood. That I'm one of those 'cheerful' people. I don't see myself that way. In some aspects, I'm a much more positive person than I have been in the past, but I tend to see the world in a manner that displays it's flaws and finds 'fixes' for those flaws. While I don't intend these things to be negative, I think they come across that way.

How is it that improvement is negative? I'm not saying I hate something because I want to make it different. I'm saying there is another way or an improvement to be made. For my side, I never understood the status quo. How do people take everything as is and never want it to be better? I guess that is why there is such a thing as inventors, writers, artists and musicians. These people become the voice, if you will, for the masses at large.

I once read the greatest insult is to create something new. I've always loved this idea. I'm not sure it functions in the real world, but the idea itself is quite grand. Create something that no one has ever seen or heard, find a new way to touch someone. Whether it be their heart, their mind, their soul or even their physical presence. Make contact with someone on a new level. Who exactly you are insulting, I'm not sure, but I know by doing these things, you are making someone else's life brighter.


At 10:55 AM, Blogger Buffalo said...

Oh yeah. Right you are, my friend.

At 2:11 PM, Blogger Sexy Suburbanite said...

I totally hear you. People are always telling me that I'm super negative when, in reality (or, at least in my mind), I am a super positive person. People just misunderstand the things I say as being negative. If something is good I figure there is no reason to comment. If something needs improving I'll let you know. People need to be more thick skinned and learn that nothing is perfect and everything and everyone could use a little improving.


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