October 29, 2005

Wet Paint

OK - I have some stuff I wanted to post, but the length would clog Where have i been?. So, I've created a new blog called Cycle Time.

I've also implemented the ability to register for updates on Cycle Time. I don't plan on updating it that much (maybe at first then a little through the winter and increasing traffic in the spring.) So, rather than have my dedicated readers clicking to see if I've updated and being frustrated, you can just subscribe. Then if I update, you'll get notice in the middle of the night via e-mail.

I've already posted one story there. Check it out and sign up for updates. :-) If I get enough positive feedback, I may implement the subscription for Where have i been?.


At 12:17 PM, Blogger Lil Bit said...

Cycle Time? What kind ya got, biker bud???
Love the PURPLE paint can, btw. ;)


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