January 19, 2008

In a nutshell

Blogs I thought of Writing this week and didn't.

I had quite an internal dialog on what kind of person it would take to be an executioner or a torturer. I was thinking about the Salem witch hunts and the mass of killings in europe. Once upon a time we have executed people by burning them, breaking them on a wheel (this involves chaining them to a wagon wheel and breaking their limbs), placing them in Iron Maiden's, and many other ways. Hanging was particularly popular, but if the rope is too short, then the person dies a slow painful death of strangulation up to an hour long. Too long a rope and the head pops off (this is what happened to Saddam Hussein's brother. Anyway, this blog didn't get written for various reasons.

What else did I pass up. Oh, back to toothpaste I finally opened the new tube of 'citrus sparkle crest'. It was ORANGE. WTF? I guess I should have been clued in since a third of the package is orange, but really. Not what I was expecting. As for the taste, they won't be winning any prizes with this stuff. I'm not quite sure what ass tastes like, but imagine it then cross with oranges and you might have an idea of the flavor of this stuff. I'm giving it one more try and then it's going in the proverbial trash.

Then there was the FUCKTARD drivers that seem to inhabit my area of the world. Let's see, it snowed (is snowing) and the roads are icey and slick. FTs think they can go as fast as they want 'because I have 4 wheel drive'. Said FT didn't bother to think that his/her brakes aren't going to have quite the same effect as 4-wheel drive when they try to stop and drive up my ass. Here endeth the rant on that.

What else? One of my favorite wine makers in California, HESS came out with a new wine. It only has their name in fine print on the back of the bottle. This in and of itself should clue you in to what is inside. To top it off, it comes with a screw-top. At $5.99 a bottle, it's not quite 2 buck chuck, but it's close. And to make it clear it's not a great wine, the label reads something to the effect that it's great with pizza, bbq, etc... yep. Giving the low-class the low-down on what to eat with your wine is a surefire winner.

Those are just a few of my bloggy thoughts this week that didn't quite reach fruition. Thanks for playing and dont' forget to share with the other kids in the class.


At 5:32 PM, Blogger buddha_girl said...

1. You said FUCKTARD! Hooray!

2. I've also tried that stupid orange Crest. What a fucking disappointment. I away on a conference and had to brush with that crap. I was late to my first meeting because I went to buy some REAL Crest. I hate it when they add flavors to toothpaste. Mint is the only flavor that's acceptable. If I want food flavor, I'll EAT some damn food!

At 8:42 PM, Blogger Neonalune said...

Tried that toothpaste...gack! Amazingly my husband likes it. But then he likes ass.



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