August 27, 2007


Running in the fog shrouded, cool morning air. Peaceful. Serene. Yet, echoes of war and screams lingered in my mind. The perfectly cut grass, the white, weathered gray stones all in perfect aligned rows. The spirits of the fallen surrounded us.

Swollen with pride, it wasn't hard to keep running. Not for ourselves, but for those that lay in peace around us. Each a hero in their own right. Like pages in a history book the stones passed by. Beckoning. Calling. The bugles forlorn notes of Taps arose in the mind. The only sound the tread of our feet and our rapid breathing. Sometimes a flutter of wings.

Arlington is one of the most powerful places I've ever been. I'll never forget. Even though I never knew a single soul that rested there. Comrades through time and service. From Privates to Presidents to former slaves and even unknowns, Arlington's rich history ever grows. Remember.


At 6:38 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

I would like to visit Arlington at least once.


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