October 25, 2007

To protect and serve?

I got cut off by a cop in traffic the other day. He was entering a 4 lane (my direction) road from a tributary. He had a Yield Sign. I had my signal on to enter his lane long before arriving at the junction which means if he looked, he saw my blinker. Did he yield for me to enter the lane? Nope. I almost hit another car in front of me trying to look and see what he was doing. I've never had the urge to flip someone off so bad and not do it.

A few blocks further down the road, the lane merges into another lane shortly after an intersection. He went through the intersection and without turning on his blinker cut off yet another car to merge in.

Now, this makes me wonder WTF? It's not like there was a donut shop in his direction of travel. Nor were his emergency lights active. The Police Officer was just being a prick. It's not like he has places to go and people to do. He's a cop. His job is to be in his car 8 hours a day and stop felons or would be felons from executing crime. It's a sad state out there folks, when a police officer is willing to nearly cause accidents because he is king of the road.


At 11:15 AM, Blogger Schuyler said...

I remember an article in the Washington Post a few years ago about a woman who was cut off by a copy exactly like you described. She honked her horn. The cop then pulled back, pulled her over and gave her a ticket for using her horn in a non-emergency situation.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

He probably didn't mean to be bad.

At 4:21 AM, Blogger Jenn said...

I work for cops and well, in their defense, there are different "codes" when taking calls. Sometime's they aren't allowed to run code, which means sirens and lights, sometime's they can only run lights, sometimes they have to. Sometime's they have to "hurry" which means hauling ass without code and when they come to light hit the sirens and lights really quick wherein people think they're taking advantage of their power. Then again, there are those who do take advantage.

But screw that guy who cut you off! Damnations.

At 11:25 AM, Blogger Think Frustrated said...

Most police around me do this: they put on their emergency sirens when there's traffic. This causes the thing on top of the traffic signal to blink, and changes the signal from green to red. Then, they speed around to get in front of everyone. A few blocks later you see their lights go off. Then, you see that same squad parked at Dunkin. Go figure.


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