September 28, 2007


So we can all see where this iPhone thing is going. iPhone Video. Please don't tell me you didn't see it coming. I'm not talking about watching the latest Grey's Anatomy or Biggest Loser episode on your iPhone while you ride into the city on the L. Or sitting in traffic waiting for OJ to whiz by in his latest run-in with the police. I'm talking about hand over your paycheck I'm blackmailing you with footage of the tranny you picked up. Not just digital photos, but the video of you walking into the stall complete with your voice over of, "Bring it home to daddy."

You Tube will see a veritable explosion of real-time feeds. Hmmm. Let's see who has the most interesting day going. Sally in HR doing everything she can to seduce the new rising star to join X-Corp or or little tommy with mommy and the postman on his RSS.

OK, obviously, these are extreme examples, but take a minute and look forward in time to where technology will be heading. Then ask yourself if you NEED this technology. The Blackberry is already commonly known as a Crackberry because of it's addictive nature. People check it in traffic, in meetings, dinner with their amour's, and even in bed with them. As you imagine new technologies and how they will transform your lives, think about the disadvantages and how you can limit them in your life.


At 12:20 AM, Blogger Buffalo said...

I feel so left out of it all.


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