August 12, 2005


How many of us suffer from that particular affliction and what causes it? I have to ask... I'm sorting everything I own trying to justify each piece I retain. What a pile of crap I have. Why I still have a hacky sack from college (perhaps the stupidest addiction I ever had) I have no idea. Is it sentiment? I can't recall any of the people I hacked with being friends, we just hacked. We couldn't get laid, so we kicked the little leather bag around. Now, that IS something to write home about... Man, we went 15 times around the circle before Tommy the dumbass missed. Riiiight. I bet half the people that played were stoned 50% of the time. Or is that 50% of the people that played were stoned half the time? Inquiry minds want to know. So back to my possessions and why I have them. Let's see what else in in my box o' trix. A random box full of electric cables, RCA cables, misc. co-axial cable (you get the idea). I haven't needed anything out of that box in what? 10 years... throw it away already. Two snapshot cameras with film still inside. One quit working and I never had the film developed (uh, 12 years ago). Yeah, there is going to be some fantastic shots on that. The other I have no idea when I took the last picture... 5 years ago? More? Could be as many as 10. Then there is the zippo lighter I keep for sentimental reasons. At least that's the story I tell myself. I never smoked, it wasn't a gift. I can't ever recall whipping it out at the right moment to give that girl at the bar a light. Yeah, real sentimental jackass. Then there are two sets of darts - haven't played in 13 years. 12 year old brand new winter army boots. NIB. Will I part with them. Hell no, I might find myself in a winter zone sometime and need them. Not likely. I hate states that have a true winter and wouldn't allow myself to move to one of them for any salary. Well, maybe Bill Gates salary, but otherwise, I don't think so. Will I toss the boots Not on your life. My favorite is two large boxes filled with beer glasses and mugs from Germany. Somewhere around 100 of them. Anyone want these? Start looking on eBay, I might actually part with these... lol OK, I'm off to throw some stuff away. Go clean out your junk drawer in your kitchen that's all I ask. If you can do that, you are many steps ahead of the Johnson's with their shiny new car or their kid who is in 'private school'. I'm puking on them already. Blech... Hmmm... isn't that the chicken nacho I had for dinner? Even better the second time around.


At 8:13 AM, Blogger drunkbh said...

I am an admitted packrat. I don't want to get rid of anything because... damnit it's mine. I have ONE hiking boot that didn't seem to make the move to Florida with me four years ago. Why am I holding onto it? Maybe one day the shoe elves will either take it away or bring it's mate back.

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Neonalune said...

My husband is a MAJOR packrat and it drives me insane! He holds on to things because it reminds him of a time in his life. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me when we're talking about the junk yard of computer parts that is our spare room - but whatever.

One thing I read in one of my favorite books, The Joy of Simple Living, is to think about what you would really be upset about losing in a house fire. That will help you come to an understanding of what possessions are really important to you and maybe help you give some of the other less important ones up.

At 2:19 PM, Blogger mauser*girl said...

Our home is fortunately pack-rat free, and if I had to take a guess, that's caused by the fact that we keep having to move frequently. When you've packed your junk up more than once, you quickly start getting this mindset that you need to cut down on it. Quickly.

That said, though, we have a whole storage shed (well, now a spare bedroom) full of re-enacting gear. But that's an exception because it's RARE stuff and expensive and all that. ;)

By the way, what size are your boots? :P

At 9:27 PM, Blogger *Natalia* said...

Ahh. I hate junk. It takes up the space I need for what I have yet to buy.

At 11:37 PM, Blogger midwest_hick said...

I've never been a packrat...I'm not into clutter....cept my mind of course...that's always cluttered.

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Kerry Grace said...

read somewhere that the self storage industry now earns more revenues than Hollywood. And I thought Hollywood was a ridiculous American excess . . . turns out storage is the booming industry in today's economy - storage untis, closet stores, container stores, etc... I'm not a sociologist, but surely there's a comment on our lives in there.


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