July 19, 2005

Fear of Failure

So many things in our lives revolve around this one concept. Or is it a paradigm? I’m not sure. It’s funny for me not to be sure of something. I spend most of my time reassuring people that I’m right. That the answers I give are the best solution that is available at the moment. How true is that I wonder?

Expectations are an interesting thing. We build in our minds these great models of how things should be. An interesting thing I read once: You can plan all you want, but when you go into battle, all your planning becomes irrelevant. I’m not saying it’s battle, but the idea behind that statement is sound logic. Life rarely gives you your expectation. But isn’t that what makes it so stunningly wonderful? Those valleys and dips that mark our time are what make the peaks so perfect. You couldn’t chisel those if you tried for a thousand years.

The reality is that we form our own worlds to meet our expectations. If we fear and cringe, things happen that cause us to believe we were right. If we meet the world and it’s tangents head on, then we often find vivid successes we could only have thought happen to others. Our own imaginations are not strong enough to provide that powerful vision of spectacular results. Or are they? How far can you see?

When you can reach out beyond your world and make someone smile how successful is that? You can’t quantify having made someone’s day. Hearing the words, “I’m better now that you’ve called.” I couldn’t set them to music if I tried. They have their own music that transcends any note produced by an instrument. Uplifting, powerful, energetic and beyond my imagination, a surprise that is certainly worthy of the title ‘Spectacular’.

Reach out and touch someone with your words today. You never know what kind of impact you’ll really have. It’s an itch you can scratch every day. Make someone feel good for no reason other than you care.


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