June 08, 2005


So, I'm getting ready for another adventure... Chicago on Friday. I'd WooHoo, but my woohoo factor is low right now. I've never been to Chicago so at least it's a new experience. I called a place to make reservations for some people I'm meeting there. Decided to casually ask what the average dinner price is... $22-$79. Um, just curious, what is the $79 entre? A 44 ounce Porterhouse steak. OMG. Now, I'm a major steak eater, but even I can't eat 44 oz. of meat. I assume it's meant to share with another person, but at almost 3 pounds, I think that almost qualifies as Dinner for Three. lol Either that, or this is the extreme version of Super-size me. After being in Europe, I'm agog at the size of portions for our food here. I was rarely hungry in Europe post meal. They serve everything just right. Here, you can eat so much, distend your stomach and then desire to eat again within a couple of hours... what a crappy mindset we have here. Give me MORE instead of give me what I NEED. So lame. And we buy into it. Bigger, better, faster. What happened to enjoying the process of our lives?


At 11:02 PM, Blogger Jen P. said...

I can so totally understand the portion size issue. Portion sizes are a lot smaller here in Japan too. Whenever I go back to the states, I just can't believe how much crap is eaten....the food isn't all that great and they serve you gobs of it. I love smaller portions and more flavor. Have fun in Chicago!

Jen Pack


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