May 23, 2005

Perfection Achieved?

Le Deauville - Lunch - Perfection

I ordered a farmers plate for my lunch. Little did I know just how perfect my meal would be. 3 kinds of ham, 2 kinds of sausage, pate, some kind of pork, cheese and baguette. Watching all the people go by is nothing short of astounding. Every shape and size obviously from many countries. The fashion ranges from Cotuure to laughable. I'm only one step from laughable, so I'm really not judging too harshly. I've had two sets people of ask what I ordered for lunch so they could duplicate my order. "We sat down because we saw your plate". I got the feeling when I ordered that the waiter was surprised. Like I had hidden knowledge. As I watch the plates they deliver to other tables, perhaps I did. lol Most trays are are piled with a variety of baguette sandwiches. As I've said before, my goal is to try new things - push my own boundaries if you will. Running to the easy choice on the menu leads you to the same experiences over & over. I can understand the attraction that trying the same thing again and again holds. I'm as guilty as anyone for establishing patterns in my own life. For example - one of the couples that ordered my lunch is finished eathing and done and gone. Unable to linger at the table just to do so as a european would. Perhaps we just have different goals. I guess if I had to write a mission statement for my time in Europe it would be: to realize a new paradigm for the way I engage life. So how does that manifest itself? Perhaps the biggest thing I see in myself is a drive to become fit. Healthy? Yes. I need a new wardrobe, I think it should be two sizes smaller.


The sky is increasingly dark. The sun has fled to another place. In it's stead are thicker clouds. With the sun's abscence, it's also grown windier and there is a definite chill in the air. It's not cold, but my cuppicino will be welcome. It will also allow me to reside at my ringside seat a little longer. As I shift in my seat, I realize my hip joints ache from my efforts walking yesterday. My suggestion to anyone contemplating visiting Europe... Train your walking muscles. You will walk more in the short time you are here than you have in the previous 6 months. I almost wish I had a pedometer to guage the distance I have walked.


On to fashion for men. Go be the first in your neighborhood to wear Puma shoes again. Be the first to wear a pinstripe sportcoat with slacks or jeans. (Or a step better a silkscreened graphic on top of the pinstripe sportcoat.)


At 12:10 AM, Blogger Jen P. said...

omg, the farmers plate sounds awesome! I want I want!


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