May 18, 2005

Go Grandma and Grandpa - lol

You ever have one of those moments when your gut tells you to do something contrary to the plan in your mind? You know, you are walking to destination A when suddenly you have this really bizarre urge to go in the opposite direction just because? This happened to me on the way back to the hotel from one of my little walking tours. I'm walking down the street next to a canal on the way back to the hotel (while Amsterdam is not quite the maze Venice was, I'm still thankful for my relatively good sense of direction and space) I started walking past a small stree that looks plain and devoid of interest. Suddenly I feel a jerk inside me somewhere. A little voice I hear sometimes pipes up with, "turn and walk down there... see what there is to see." OK - It's not like I'm on a schedule, I have no-one to meet and my little conversation companion (notebook) is safe and sound in my pocket. I'll walk down there and see what I see. I walk a couple of blocks and don't see much except a really cool sign for a mushroom shop. OK, I'll go back and photograph that and move on to the hotel. As I turn around, I see a really interesting poster in a shop window on yet another side street that is even smaller. The place was closed, but it's a graphic design bookstore. Every single thing I can see is devoted to print. They have multiple issues of Idea magazine in one window and printing posters in another... Ah, European design... I can see me spending a few hundred Euros in there tomorrow. LMAO


In my other walk abouts, I've discovered another piercing studio and two tattoo studios. I wouldn't get a tattoo in either studio, but I'm keeping my eyes open for other places. There is just something about being in a tattoo studio that makes me feel at home. The electric buzz of the tattoo machines, the flash on the walls, the smell of the A&D ointment. And perhaps there is a pheremone in the air I can't smell, something to do with all the endorphins that are released as people get tattooed. Something that lingers in the air and creates a warm sensation inside my mind that I can't explain.


Strangest sight on my trip yet: I forgot to mention this about my tour of the red-light district. I saw a grandma and grandpa, both easily in their 60s or early 70s, standing and gazing into an S&M Sex shop. They were in a discussion and pointing to various things in the shop windows. I don't mean like off to the side either, they were right in the doorway. I didn't linger to see if they went in to make a purchase, but the thought gives me a good chuckle even hours later. GO get some grandma... LOL Nice to know that even when we get old we can still think about being frisky. Something to look forward to I guess.


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