May 14, 2005

Please, no starch in my boxers...

I woke this morning to ocean waves (well in my mind I did. In reality, I had to open the door to the balcony first.) After a short, but luxurious shower, I dressed and headed for the boat dock to catch the water shuttle over to Venice proper. (Not sure what counts for actual land in Venice since everywhere you turn there is water.) It doesn't smell so good in most areas either. lol I took a lot of pictures of a lot of amazing scenes. I couldn't always get to where the good picture would have been, but I think I got some amazing photos regardless. I got a quick tour of the Murano glass factory and afterwards, took a little more appreciation for the glass I saw for sale everywhere. (I think half of Venice must work in this factory to produce that much glass.) I saw pieces of glass/art today that cost $3-4k. I also talked to the artisan that created the masks for Eyes Wide Shut. Pretty cool stuff. I think I must have walked about 15 miles today. One street I went down was 5 feet wide. I couldn't even stretch my hands out without crashing into the sides. I'd love to see a recreation of how Venice came to be. Certainly, the biggest maze I've ever encountered. Also, only the second time in my life I've experienced sensory overload. So many people. So many shops full of eye candy. (Most of them don't allow pictures, so those will just have to live in my memory.) Honestly, haven't had a good meal since I got to this city. Neither of my meals today were that good. I think for food, you can't beat Tuscany. The gelato on the other hand... OMG I think I could live on that stuff. Not sure what is in it, but high grade crack for you taste buds. Something else I noticed in the course of my day. None of the bridges over the canals have straight steps. They are all slanted down. I can't imagine why this would be created on purpose, and can't think of why they would slant over time. Conundrum there.


OK, not that you probably care about this one, but LMAO - I just unpacked the laundry I had done. OMG - They ironed my boxers. GO Venice!! I was immediately worried they might have starched them, but to my satisfaction, no, just laundered and lovingly pressed... OK - how much do they have to pay someone for that job? I can't imagine...


Forgot this morning that lovely desk girl went out of her way to be able to talk to me today. She let me know that she was off at three, but there were other employees around again so I couldn't suggest we meet for a drink in the city. And I couldn't figure a way to do it. I need to be more sly next time and outwit the other employees. lol


At 11:25 PM, Blogger Maggi-nifica said...

So it was also the laundry staff of the hotel, not just the young lady at the counter who made your shorts stiff, huh? =)

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