May 19, 2005

The 70s revisited

The big wire mirror sunglasses from the 70's are back in vogue here. I noticed it in Italy as well. I wonder if they are actually in or if they are simply people that haven't caught up yet. I'm guessing they are in. 70's fashions, retro shows... oh yeah baby! Whatever!


People watching seems to be the ultimate art in Amsterdam. From where I sit, I can see at least 15 cafe's - they are all packed with people out in sidewalk tables and chairs. All faced toward the sidewalk and street so they can watch the people go by. THere aren't even chairs facing the cafe. It's like being seated in a theatre with a cast of many hundreds of people with no dialog. Only background noise like the buzz of traffic, the clink of glasses on the tables and the murmur of conversation.


I visited the piercing studio today... Very difficult to walk away a second time. I'm too worried about the 'aftercare' factor while I travel to do it though at this point. I need to figure out why I have this need to have more decoration on my body. In many cultures, there are rights of passage to adulthood and also visible symbols or age and experience whereas our culture has none. Perhaps it the desire to fill these blanks that engages me to practice body modification. What do people do when they are full canvases? I'll have to think to ask the next time I'm at a tattoo convention.


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