October 27, 2008

RSS feeds killed blogland

I have four viewers on average a week. I know more people read this blog than that, but only four actually visit 'where have i been?' The answer? RSS. I'm guilty of it myself. I haven't been to a blog in ages. Why should I? I get neatly packed messages whenever those I blog stalk post. No longer do I have to put up with ill-chosen templates, white text on black backgrounds (which seriously screws with my eyes). I wonder how this affects the count whores out there. Do they weep at night because no-one loves them anymore? Do they lash out at loved ones due to fears of losing popularity? "You did this to me!" You all come back now, ya' hear?


At 6:11 PM, Blogger jin said...

I'm a stat nazi.
I hate not knowing who's reading me. However, that comes from one too many creepy readers getting a tad over-jin-obsessed & acting very uncool.

They say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Paranoid? Maybe. But "Perfect paranoia is Perfect Awareness". So I believe anyway...

Up until a few months ago I had my blogs set so the RSS feed would only come through part way; therefore if one wanted to read the entire post they had to click into my blog.

I only changed it because one of my regular favourite readers told me how much it annoyed him & that he refused to click in. Ha! That's funny because I'm the same way.

I teeter on the brink of "I wish I knew how many" & "It's probably better that I don't know".

At 3:17 PM, Blogger celtgirl said...

I "stalk" but don't post often. However, I always ALWAYS enjoy reading your posts. I learn a lot from you.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger Buffalo said...

Yes. I sob hysterically at night.


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