December 20, 2006

Snow day

I'm in the market for a 5 foot candy cane. Does anyone know someone that works in a confectioners shop? I can't even imagine how much sugar it would take to make such a monstrosity. I'd settle for a monster 3 foot candy cane, but the biggest we've found is 1.5 feet. I don't even know why I'd want such a thing or where I would keep it. I certainly wouldn't be licking on it. I'm really not a peppermint fan. I always liked spearmint better. Do they make spearmint candy canes?

OK, I'll settle for a snowflake. You can make it here. After you make your snowflake, make sure you send it to me. >:-)

I remember one day in early elementary school the teacher talking about how each snowflake was different and unique. No two snowflakes are alike. At recess that day, it was snowing and she gave each of us a piece of black construction paper to go outside with and catch snowflakes. In my lifetime, I doubt I will ever see anything that amazing. The delicate tiny crystals took on an entirely new dimension for me that day.

I guess snowflakes are a great analogy for people. No two alike, specially formed and then turned loose to share with the world. Delicate and fragile. Tiny in the bigger world. Yet with phenomenal presence. Each beautiful in it's own way. Something to share with the others. Have you shared yourself today? Did you make a snowflake to share with us?